Experience is a great teacher...but you only get to do this once.

                 Here are some tips from Brides who've done it...

        "I totally regret not appointing a couple of “point people” for the 
        'day-of”… I really needed someone to field all the questions & look 
               after all the details so that I could enjoy the day…”

       "A lot of problems could have been avoided if I had given a 
       hard-copy timeline to everyone in our families and our wedding 
         party.  As it was – I  was the only person who really knew what 
                                 was supposed to happen…”

        “The day went by so quickly… we always seemed to be rushing 
     through things. I wish I had chosen a reception venue closer to the 
    church to reduce travel time, and I would also have cut out the trip to 
    the park for photos. We could have had 2 more hours with our guests...”

      “I should have kept a better eye on the clock and taken time to dance 
               with  my husband more than just for our first dance…”

        “If we were to do it again, we would spend the money to have the
    photographer there all day. We cut corners on one of the few things that 
                             will last long after our wedding day…”

       “We bought wine and beer ourselves. It’s a great way to save money, 
               but we didn’t do a wine tasting. One of the reds was fine, 
                                 the other was awful…”

       “I should have gotten a decent night’s sleep the night before — nerves 
          and lack of sleep made me quite sick the morning of the wedding…”

       “I would have invited my mother-in-law to join us while I was getting 
                     ready & for the photos before the ceremony…”

        “I should have gotten another hair and make-up trial. My hair and 
         make-up was ok at the trial - I didn’t love it. But I just figured that 
                it would be ok on my wedding day. Boy was I wrong…”

         “We should have scheduled the hair appointments earlier & insisted 
       on more stylists. They ran late and I had no time to enjoy the “getting 
                   ready” time with my mom and my “girls”…”

     " We did a destination wedding in Cancun - so I went "simple" on my 
             dress...BIG mistake. I so wish I'd gone full out on my gown."

         “I should have given someone a check list to make sure everyone 
           who really mattered was there before I walked down the aisle… 
      &  we should have planned to start the ceremony at least 10 minutes 
        late”. I was so concerned with our schedule that some of the family 
                              missed most of the ceremony…” 

          “I should have had someone point out family members to the 
      photographer so he could get some shots of them. I forgot all about it…”

       “We ended up throwing an impromptu "after party" in the honeymoon 
        suite at the hotel and I wish I had actually planned this. We should 
       have brought wine and beer and had our caterer pack up some treats…”

          "We left for our honeymoon the next morning. I wish that we had 
          waited a day so we could have had brunch with our family and an 
             after party with friends before we left. Some people came a long 
                      way and we barely had a chance to speak to them…”

      “Somewhere along the way I just wanted to make everyone else happy… 
                                   and I forgot about myself..."

Tips & afterthoughts from our Brides...