One Bride came to us in a panic 2 weeks 
                      before her Wedding. 
     She had ordered her gown online 4 months 
             before and it had not yet arrived. 
    She had paid full price “up-front” but the online 
         site she ordered from had disappeared 
              & the phone was disconnected... 

     If you try on a wedding gown at your local shop -  
      and then find it on line at a much lower price - 
        it may look exactly the same as 
                the dress you saw in the Shop...
    but what you receive is often a big disappointment.
     Knock-off sites lift photos directly from the real 
          supplier's site to fool you into thinking 
  you are buying the same dress you saw in the Shop...
                          YOU ARE NOT

      The fraudulent sites also use the logos, style  
     numbers & descriptions from the legitimate site - 
                    so it is easy to be fooled. 

     The Canadian and United States governments
      are currently working with foreign officials to 
     stop these fraudulent business practices - but 
         the sites appear & disappear so quickly 
           it is next to impossible to stop them.
  Beware of Internet Fraud in the Wedding Industry  
What she ordered...
What she got...


  This entry was posted on Sunday, December 27th,
  on Bridal Shopping for Dummies 

    This week, we had a bride with a not too unusual problem - she bought her gown online to save a few    
    bucks…..and what she got was not what she thought she was getting. Not by a long shot. She’s asked 
    to write a quick blog to warn others about the perils of buying online.

    She bought what she thought was a Pronovias gown - online... You fall in love with a gown at a boutique,
    and you race home to Google the style number. WOW! The price at the bridal shop is so much higher! 
    How can they charge $1100 for the dress, when this Internet site has it for $488? 

    The short answer is that they are knockoffs. And not even good ones. I'm talking about cheap laces, see  
    through fabrics -- unfinished seams, glued on embellishments. The price looks good because they're 
    using real designer photos...but they're sending you their own cheaped-out version.

    99% of the time, it’s a really cheaped-out version. Trust me, “cheap” shows in photos. I’ve added a few
    examples to illustrate my point.

     Knockoff gowns never look the same (or even close to) the original gowns. The cost of the real
     gown is the difference between looking totally hot on your wedding day, or looking like you wrapped
     yourself in your grandma’s lace curtains. Your call…maybe your grandma has nice curtains !

       Another Bride ordered her Bridesmaid's dresses online. They arrived a month late...looked nothing like the     
       pictures...were the wrong sizes …the colour was wrong &they came un-pressed & stuffed into a small box.

      Alterations to make them wearable were $125.00 per dress...steaming to remove the creases cost an additional
       $45.00 per the dresses - originally priced at $75.00 each with shipping & customs fees added
                                                       ended  $275.00 each...and she hated them...

    CBS News Report -

    Ask any bride: Preparing for a wedding is
    taxing enough without having to worry about
    getting ripped off while trying to buy your gown
    or dresses for your bridesmaids.

    But brides trying to save money on dresses 
    are the targets of a growing market of shady   
    websites scattered around the globe, most of 
    which either don't deliver at all or take an         
    extraordinary amount of time to send some-
    thing that doesn't resemble what was ordered.  

    The sites, which turn up readily in web searches   
    and Google ads, look professional and feature 
    a wide array of wedding dresses for prices that 
    are far too low for this market. Most of the
    featured bridal gowns on the sites are $200
    or less --  an apparent opportunity that should 
    really be a warning sign.

    Complaints about the sites cataloged by -- a federally funded forum for
    consumer commentary on websites -- have been
    growing as more and more brides have been 
    drawn in by the tantalizing prices.

     Here are some of the sites that have drawn   
     complaints on SiteJabber :  •  •

    One thing all these sites have in common: All  
    those sites are based  in China. Some obscure
    their location offering a U.S. phone number or a 
    London mailing address. One such address on 
    one of the sites was just a mail forwarding 
   service. Why does the location matter? Because 
   when dealing with overseas sites, consumers 
   lose leverage. There's very little recourse if  
   something goes wrong, which appears to 
   happen more often than not.

    "We urge brides to use great caution when   
    shopping for a wedding dress online," CEO Jeremy Gin said.
    Beware of sites offering exceptionally low  
    prices. There's a reason why they're that low,
    including the possibility that no dress will never
    be sent. Terms and conditions of your purchase  
    mean nothing -- so you may end up with
    nothing but regrets.

                  Cautionary tales of online Wedding dress purchases  
                                        from Brides we have rescued...

      One of our suppliers is the victim of a "knock-off" site. They sell to Bridal   
    Shops only & they do not post pricing on-line. A Bride came back in to see us
     & confessed that she had seen the dress at our Shop - but had ordered from
                            the counterfeit site online "to save money"...

     The dress she received was a disaster - not the same cut...not the same     
       fabric...not the same fit & and certainly not the same quality as the 
     gown we carry. It was also a month late & her Credit Card was charged 
                            an additional $135.00 "Customs Fees".

               (She wore our sample gown down the aisle & looked fabulous !)

     What she ordered...
What she got...
​  ​    
   A Bridesmaid of one of our Brides told us her   
   Several years ago she ordered her wedding 
   gown  online....the photos & the price were 
    perfect. But when the dress it was nothing 
                        like the photos. 
    She was very disappointed with the quality - 
    but had to wear it as her budget would not 
                allow another  purchase. 

     On her wedding day one seam gave way 
     on the way to the church...and the stays cut  
          into her  side so badly that she bled 
                       through the gown 
              before the evening was over... 
The Knockoff
The Knockoff
The Knockoff